A sustainable advantage.

02 December, 2016

A sustainable advantage

Avoid being commoditised says Carmel Fisher as she talks about Toasters, Coffee and Water and their competitive advantage. Read on ...
Cheaper not always better.

25 November, 2016

Cheaper not always better

Low fees are far from best when considering your KiwiSaver provider, really? Carmel Fisher shares recent research to demonstrate this.
KiwiSaver relief for quake-affected members.

23 November, 2016

KiwiSaver relief for quake-affected members

The Government has announced it would make it easier for any KiwiSaver members suffering financial hardship following the November 14 earthquakes, to withdraw their funds. Read more ...
NZ Post mail service disruptions.

18 November, 2016

NZ Post mail service disruptions

Due to the recent earthquakes in Wellington, the New Zealand Post mail lobby centre in Wellington is closed until further notice. Read more about how this effects Fisher Funds clients ...
Act your age.

18 November, 2016

Act your age

Immense yourself in youthful and energetic surrounds and you might just look and feel younger says Carmel Fisher. Read on ...
A collection of short runs.

04 November, 2016

A collection of short runs

Capturing long term growth means managing the short term effectively, avoiding distractions and temptations says Carmel Fisher — read more ...
Fisher Funds wins FundSource Fund Manager of the Year.

02 November, 2016

Fisher Funds wins FundSource Fund Manager of the Year

Fisher Funds wins 2016 FundSource Fund Manager of the Year and also takes out the Australia Equity and International Fixed Interest sector awards. Read more ...
KiwiSaver — the Melbourne Cup of investing.

01 November, 2016

KiwiSaver — the Melbourne Cup of investing

Just like the Melbourne Cup, KiwiSaver is a marathon, not a sprint. Read more ...
Meditations for investors.

01 November, 2016

Meditations for investors

Investors have had lots to occupy their minds recently but to avoid the temptation of straying from time-tested investment approaches they should heed Marcus Aurelius' Meditations.
Investing highlights & lowlights — October 2016.

01 November, 2016

Investing highlights & lowlights — October 2016

A snapshot from Fisher Funds of the key factors driving the performance of Markets and Funds for October 2016. Learn more …