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Don’t forget to grab what’s yours.

11 April, 2017

Don’t forget to grab what’s yours

Are you aged between 18 and 65 and living in New Zealand? Make sure you get your $521 from the government into your KiwiSaver account before the end of June. Read more ...
Once upon a time.

07 April, 2017

Once upon a time

Humans love stories and in 2017, at least so far, we have had some corkers. What we have to bear in mind as investors, is that politics are no longer the driving force behind markets or economics. Read more …
Investing highlights & lowlights — March 2017.

07 April, 2017

Investing highlights & lowlights — March 2017

A snapshot from Fisher Funds of the key factors driving the performance of Markets and Funds for March 2017. Learn more …
Shrewd Lew strikes again.

07 April, 2017

Shrewd Lew strikes again

Solomon Lew, the master retailer and strategist, has bought an 11% stake in Aussie department store Myer – we try to understand his mindset.
Are you a collector or constructor?.

07 April, 2017

Are you a collector or constructor?

If you didn’t know how to answer that question, read Chief Investment Officer Mark Brighouse’s strategy about the best investors being those that plan rather than collect.
Smartphones are only so smart.

07 April, 2017

Smartphones are only so smart

While smartphones are great for many uses, we don’t think big financial decisions should be done on a phone – mistakes happen and they cost.
Out of sight, out of mind.

07 April, 2017

Out of sight, out of mind

Working from home is no longer the euphemism it once was for taking it easy. Embracing the productivity and solitude it can offer suits many companies — but perhaps not all.
YouTube still king.

07 April, 2017

YouTube still king

Big brands pull advertising from YouTube after their ads are placed next to offensive content – we still see a long term investment in its owner, Alphabet, as compelling.
How did Fletchers get it so wrong?.

07 April, 2017

How did Fletchers get it so wrong?

In a booming construction climate how did the Fletcher Building profit warning and subsequent share price fall happen?
In the eye of the beholder.

31 March, 2017

In the eye of the beholder

Diversification is a great strategy when it comes to investing so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket but when it comes to an existing business looking into a new sector the risks can be high.